New Clients.

New Client Special - $99

Welcome to the Oakland studio! Our new clients consistently tell us they feel noticeable changes within their first couple weeks. This packages enables you to experience the welcoming staff and studio as well as feel results at the absolute lowest price possible. Take class the recommended 3-5 times per week and drive the class price down to $4/class on average (75% less than purchasing just one class at $27). You’re only a “new client” once so purchase your New Special Special today and change your body forever. Check out the Portland studio’s feature video introducing our amazing workout:

Special Instructions for New Students

We are so excited you are planning to give The Bar Method a try!

    For your first class, we recommend arriving 10 minutes prior to class so that we can show you around and make sure you have everything you need. Ideally have something to eat 1hour prior to class. Plan on wearing comfortable workout pants and bring a pair of socks. We will take care of the rest!